Mobile Security Patrol Providers Across the South Coast

When looking for a security solution that can keep eyes on a property, whether a commercial unit or a home, our mobile security patrols offer incredibly effective results. Working across Southampton and the South Coast at Orion Safeguarding Ltd we can provide 24 hour mobile security patrols to help keep you and your property safe.

We are blessed with a team of vastly experienced security professionals who can use all of their knowledge to spot any untoward activity and act on it quickly should an issue arise. The regular patrol of premises can also serve as an effective visual deterrent to potential burglars or intruders who won’t take the risk of being caught in the act by a random mobile patrol.

Why choose us for mobile patrols?

There are a number of reasons why clients across the area have chosen us to provide mobile patrols, including:
  • Cost-effective security solution
  • Quick response to any incidents
  • Large areas can be easily covered
  • Highly effective against intruders and trespassers

At Orion Safeguarding Ltd, we recognise the responsibility we have to the wider community and the role we play in protecting the public. All of our officers are trained to report suspicious activity and behaviour to the police as appropriate.

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