Our workforce management system offers complete control and reporting solution to the daily activities of our officers. With fully digitised Logs, Incident reports, checkpoint scans, and various other daily reports which are automatically forwarded to the client our system enables complete transparency and accountability in every aspect with nowhere to hide for poor performance whilst also reducing our carbon footprint. The system also uses GPS tracking to follow the movements of our officers in real-time increasing lone worker safety and offering another way to view the completed daily patrols.

At a Glance - Benefits

  • One solution for all –  saves time for staff and account managers, supporting a customer-focused ethos
  • Mobile Ops streamlines operations for officers and back-office staff alike
  • Automated check calls and alerts help to keep staff safe
  • SmartTask Smart Forms enable us to provide a superior level of customer support
  • SmartTask enabled BS7984-3 2020 certified mobile security service

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